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Federico RIBOLDI

Political and Public Administration | Federico Riboldi serves as Committee Chairman of the Province of Alessandria (Alessandria ili) and as Deputy President of the City Council of Casale Monferrato

From 2009 onwards, he serves as Councillor of the Province of Alessandria; he served as Deputy Mayor of Casale Monferrato city until 2014.


Work and Professional Organisation | From 2012 onwards, he is Head of External Relations at Centro Studi Galileo - European leader in HVAC training -, and from 2014 he is Head of Institutional Communication of ATF – Associazione dei Tecnici Italiani del Freddo, which is the most relevant  representative organisation in the sector of HVAC Operators in Italy.

He is an editor for trade magazines, in particular Industria&Formazione.

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