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Prof. Dr. Y. Onur DEVRES


Devres received the BSc and MSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering (ME). He finished his PhD in ME in 1990 by a thesis titled “Mathematical modelling of thawing processes of frozen foodstuffs and reduction of the thawing losses”. He was employed by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Marmara Research Center, Food and Refrigeration Technology Department between 1985-1994. Following his Assoc. Prof. on Thermodynamics (ME) (1992), he joined Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 1994. He was appointed as Professor on Food Technology in consideration of studies in Food Engineering (FE) in 1998. He was head of the FE Department of ITU between 2006 and 2009. He also served at Informatics and Energy Institutes of ITU until 2011. Afterwards, he established his own company, Devres Technology. He edited a book on “Food Safety and Cold Chain”. He has two books, several book chapters, many scientific papers and a patent on cooking device.

Devres serves both in Turkey and abroad as an engineer, consultant, EHEDG Authorized Trainer and business developer; introduces new techniques, technologies and products to companies on food processing with hygienic design principles together collaborating with food processing machine producers.

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