Francesco SCUDERI


Before starting at Eurovent in September 2015, Mr Scuderi worked for the EPTA GROUP (a global industry leader specialised in in commercial refrigeration), where he held several positions. Later on, he became the Convenor of the CEN/TC44 WG6 ‘Commercial beverage cooler and ice-cream freezers’. He is also the Convenor of the ISO/TC86/SC7/WG 2 ‘Commercial beverage cooler and ice-cream freezers. Having specialised in European legislation, Mr Scuderi joined Eurovent as Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager and Team Leader Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain. He also deals with horizontal issues such as Energy Labelling, the F-Gas Regulation, and Market Surveillance.

Mr Scuderi holds a Master’s degree in electrical energy engineering from the University of Catania in Italy. 



This seminar aims to provide the audience with an overview on the European Regulations and standards covering commercial refrigeration equipment. Specifically, it will be pointed out what is an European Regulation, what is a product standard, and which are the Regulation/standardisations’ benefits for the European and Turkey manufacturers. This presentation will also provide the audience with a clear overview of the main European Regulations (F-Gas, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Process Chiller) and EN standards covering commercial refrigeration equipment (refrigerated display cabinets, commercial beverage coolers, ice-cream freezers, and walk-In cold rooms). It will be also highlighted, the benefit in a stronger cooperation between EU and Turkey, also in the scenario of future regulations on: Environmental protection, Energy efficiency, and New refrigerants.

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